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Original Research

The current state of agile methodology utilisation in a South African insurance company  
Lindelwa Ngqame, Nkqubela Ruxwana, Tshinakaho R. Seaba
05 July 2024

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Vol 25, No 1 (2023)  
Editorial Office
28 June 2024

Original Research

Evaluating knowledge management in skills development providers  
Ralebitso K. Letshaba, Nkanyiso K. Ndlovu
28 June 2024

Original Research

Evaluating the success of a mobile self-service application using the DeLone and McLean model  
Yongama Kendle, Baldreck Chipangura
27 June 2024

Original Research

Techniques for effective government service delivery  
Siyabulela Gegana, Mampilo Phahlane
27 June 2024

Original Research

Hybrid cloud approach to data platforms: A South African perspective  
Sedigilwe V. Gaorekwe, Kelvin J. Bwalya
30 May 2024

Original Research

Structuration theory perspective of Big Data in a typical South African municipality  
Modjadji P. Kgoale, Mampilo Phahlane
22 May 2024

Original Research

The adoption of ICT and robotic automation systems in the pharmaceutical industry  
Kebashnee Moodley, Ross James
29 April 2024

Original Research

The Health Management Information System and HIV and AIDS monitoring: Insights from Ethiopia  
Befekadu E. Dekita, Mokholelana M. Ramukumba
26 April 2024

Original Research

Live Healthcare Console: Evaluating digital health design models, a South African perspective  
Wesley Moonsamy, Shawren Singh
18 April 2024
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Press Release: Exciting update!

Our past two editorials for the Journal of Applied Neurosciences are available! Discover the vision and mission behind our new journal and the innovative research we aim to showcase in neuroscience and other biological underpinnings of human behaviour. Read the insightful editorials by our Editor-in-Chief, Dirk J. Geldenhuys, and learn more about our journey and goals. Check it out here: journalofappliedneurosciences.org  
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The wait is finally over! We are proud to introduce the African Journal of Creative Economy, your new go-to source for the latest research and insights in Cultural Economics, Creative Industries, Arts and Culture Management and Cultural Studies and Cultural Policy.  Explore our inaugural editorial by Jeanette D. Snowball and Richard Haines, featuring pioneering studies and expert opinions. Don't miss out on the start of something big! Visit ajce.africa  
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It's with immense pride and excitement that we unveil the African Journal of Climate Studies, a dynamic platform meticulously crafted to ignite the flames of innovation and drive transformative change in scholarly discourse. Our mission? To empower academic excellence and cultivate a community where brilliance thrives on aspects related to African paleoclimate and the historical evolution of African human and ecological systems concerning climate constraints, current understanding of African climate behaviour and the role of climate variability, climate extreme events and climate change in any relevant aspect of African social-ecological and economic development. Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Visit climatestudies.org  
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Embark on a journey through the annals of research history! Our journal's archives hold a wealth of knowledge waiting to be rediscovered. From pioneering studies to timeless insights, explore the foundations of today's discussions. Join us in celebrating research history and uncovering the gems that continue to shape our understanding.  
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